Professional Landscape Lighting

Illuminations are the landscape lighting specialists in Tallahassee for your home and business. We also specialize in mosquito misting installations.

Let landscape design plans for lighting create an outdoor living space that can be enjoyed both day and night. There are several reasons lighting plans are such a popular component of modern landscape designs.

Besides adding functionality after dark, outdoor lighting also serves as a theft deterrent and can illuminate pathways to provide safety. The variety of lighting techniques used in today’s landscaping is also an appeal of outdoor lighting plans.

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Benefits of Elegant Landscape Lighting

Beyond the overall beautiful improvement that landscape lighting adds to your home and property, there are even further benefits.

Safety and Security

Lights are known deterrents for thefts and can also brighten pathways to prevent accidents.

Style and Beauty

Careful planning and positioning of various lighting techniques within your landscaping can accent your home and increase the visual appeal of your yard. Outdoor lighting can also add value to your property.

An Affordable Price

There are many different lighting options available for outdoor living so it is easy to find a style that complements your landscaping, as well as the style of your home, without overspending.

Examples of our Beautiful Work

We love to share photos of the beautiful work we have completed for our satisfied clients. Below you will find just a few of the great things we can do for you.


Landscape Design Guidelines

An effective and elegant lighting design that accentuates the finest points of your home and garden requires detailed planning and knowledge Their a few basic guidelines you should follow for any outdoor lighting design.

  • Pay close attention to the specific lighting needs of each area in your landscaping – Walk ways, steps, and other obstacles should be well lit for safety. Living areas and outdoor spaces used for entertaining demand appropriate lighting that will enhance the overall atmosphere, while other areas may call for a more decorative lighting style.
  • Consider the style of your home and the overall theme of your property – Select lighting options that continue the general look and feel of your home and garden.
  • Try a low voltage landscape lighting design for a safer, more energy efficient outdoor space –  High voltage lighting is much more costly, For even more efficient low voltage lighting are the new LED fixtures. They use 75% less energy consumption than traditional Halogen fixtures.
  • Low voltage lighting is safer for outdoor use and is resistant to natural elements like rain and cold weather.
  • There are many other outdoor lighting design ideas that can make your outdoor living space the perfect retreat after dark and a great deal of visual appeal to your home.
  • Deck lights, under water lights, antique garden lantern path lights, and contemporary ground light fixtures can each bring their own style of your landscape design.