Mosquito Misting System Installation

Illuminations, Inc. provides professional mosquito misting installation services for your home outdoor area. Get rid of mosquitos finally and keep them away with our proven misting system

Professional Mosquito Misting Systems work by regularly spraying a desired protection area through misting nozzles connected by small nylon tubing lines with a highly diluted insecticide & water mixture.

Over the course of a few weeks you will have eliminated all of the adult mosquitoes living within your area. The insecticides approved for use in these systems kill insects after contact by affecting their nervous systems. Natural and synthetic pyrethrins are low in toxicity and the most effective.

Repellents such as cedar, orange and garlic oils can be used as non-toxic alternatives.

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Benefits of Elegant Landscape Lighting

Beyond the overall beautiful improvement that landscape lighting adds to your home and property, there are even further benefits.

Scheduled Spraying

Mosquitos are very active at night, but no matter what time you desire, you can schedule when your system sprays.

Harmless & Enviro-Friendly

The chemicals used in our mosquito misting systems are environmentally friendly, and have no harmful effects on humans.

Problem Eliminated

Mosquitos are an annoyance, especially when you’re trying to enjoy the great outdoors. Our Professional Mosquito Misting system will help to eliminate this problem.

How our Mosquito Misting Systems Work

Our misting system was engineered to allow the operator the ability to kill and control mosquitoes without having to measure and mix chemicals.

Our misting system was engineered to allow the operator the ability to kill and control mosquitoes without having to measure and mix chemicals. Once the nozzle quantity and spray times are entered, the self-contained system will pump the desired amount of concentrated insecticide into a vented mixing tank plumbed to water.

The system can be programmed for on demand only, for one or seven days a week, from 5 to 120 nozzles and from 15 to 120 seconds per spray cycle using any approved insecticide. Two to three minutes per day on average should provide good initial results and can be reduced and tailored to your own needs after initial infestations are brought under control.

Tankless Misting Option:

Our tankless misting system requires the periodic cleaning of a stainless steel filter. Concentrated insecticide is easily replenished by pouring into a large mouth graduated 128 oz. container which has two times the capacity of a 55 gallon drum.

The system is completely securable by utilizing a locking device. Our electronic controller is the most advanced in the industry. The system can be activated from the control panel on the unit or via a hard wired momentary switch inside your home. A 5 button wireless remote control included with every unit allows spray on demand, 24 hour suspend or a spray water only function which keeps your nozzles clear during a prolonged absence from your property.